The Top 7 Urgent Reasons To Repave or Resurface Your Driveway

The Top 7 Urgent Reasons To Repave or Resurface Your Driveway

At first glance it might not seem necessary to give your driveway a much needed repaving. And depending on how often ugly cracks and potholes are forming you might need a complete resurface for your driveway. Read more information on how to Recognize Common Asphalt Problems and Issues before repaving by clicking here

Here are 7 urgent reasons you may need to repave or resurface your driveway.

Reason #1: Cracks/Potholes

Most people don’t give the cracks in their driveway a second thought. But cracks left untreated can cause…….

  1. Heavy water damage
    2. Deterioration to your pavement
    3. Damage to your driveway’s foundation

And here’s a little known secret about cracks in the winter time.
When water gets into the cracks it goes through the “freeze-thaw” cycle. This is where water freezes in the cracks and expands while turning into ice. Then it thaws and repeats the process all over again. This can cause cracks to grow in size.

The larger your cracks the more damaged your driveway becomes. Combined with potholes, cracks will cause your driveway to wear out faster

The Top 7 Urgent Reasons To Repave or Resurface Your DrivewayReason #2: Visible Wear and Tear

Does your driveway get constant traffic from vehicles and other activities?

The constant use of your driveway can wear out the asphalt of your driveway. This can also contribute to the developing of cracks and potholes. You can .Read an informative post on how patholes are formed and how to tackle them by visiting

Reason #3: Driveway Attraction

How do you feel about the look of your driveway, when you pull up to your home? You want a driveway that’s attractive to guests, neighbors and potential buyers of your home. If you want to increase the chance of selling your home, “driveway attraction” can help. It also increases the chances of having the nicest looking lot in your neighborhood!

Reason #4: Health Risk

Your driveway may have been treated with a coal-tar-based sealcoat. These are known to be major cancer causing sources. They can also…….

  1. Pollute nearby air
    2. Pose a significant health risk to you and your family.

And your driveway may have polyaromatic hydrocarbons or PAH’s in them. Leaving your cracked or worn driveway untreated can release these dangerous chemicals into the air you breathe. Tar residue can get tracked into your home.

Reason #5: Construction Shortcuts

Nothing can cause more long-term problems in your home than shortcuts. Your driveway is no exception. You may have a poor driveway foundation. It may be uneven with the curb or poorly set by a previous contractor. This happens when they’re in a hurry to complete the job.

Reason #6: Heavy Loads

Large vehicles and other large items can put too much pressure on your driveway. Too much pressure can cause cracks and potholes. Sealcoat your driveway on a proper time can save you thousands dollars.

Reason #7: Compromised Safety

Are you, your guests, neighbors or family tripping and falling in your driveway? If so it’s time for a change! Items like glass, nails and other sharp objects can get stuck in the cracks and potholes. A wet and damaged driveway can cause slippery conditions. And with our “sue-happy” culture, wouldn’t it be wise to protect yourself with an updated driveway?

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