What you need to know about asphalt paving

The Asphalt Paving system consists of four main layers: asphalt base coating, base, sub-base and reinforcement of the subgrade. Depending on the intensity and type of traffic, the existing soil and the project life, the coating may consist of a bearing layer and intermediate layers or bonding layers. But in the most common cases, a single layer of asphalt mixture is used as a coating. Getting the right Asphalt Contractor is essential to get the best long lasting results.

Asphalt Paving can be manufactured in a specific plant (machined mixtures), fixed or mobile, or prepared on the runway itself (for surface treatments) by an Asphalt Contractor. In addition to the form …

The Top 7 Urgent Reasons To Repave or Resurface Your Driveway

The Top 7 Urgent Reasons To Repave or Resurface Your Driveway

At first glance it might not seem necessary to give your driveway a much needed repaving. And depending on how often ugly cracks and potholes are forming you might need a complete resurface for your driveway. Read more information on how to Recognize Common Asphalt Problems and Issues before repaving by clicking here

Here are 7 urgent reasons you may need to repave or resurface your driveway.

Reason #1: Cracks/Potholes

Most people don’t give the cracks in their driveway a second thought. But cracks left untreated can cause…….

  1. Heavy water damage
    2. Deterioration to your pavement
    3. Damage to your driveway’s foundation

And here’s a little known secret about cracks in the …

Calgary Asphalt Repair – Driveway Paving & Crack Filling

Calgary Asphalt Repair – Driveway Paving & Crack Filling

The road is the busiest section of our environment. This is the area with the most colorful stories of life. Here is where you will find all classes of people from the highest to the lowest level in the society. This is what aids us to go where we want to be each day. Our roads work 24/7 all days of the week and all seasons of the year. It is not impossible that it can breakdown or get damaged with time. Read more information on Asphalt Problems and Issues by visiting http://www.sandiegoasphalthauling.com/recognize-common-asphalt-problems-issues/

Due to changes in weather conditions, a concrete or asphalt road can damage with time. The heavy loads …