What you need to know about asphalt paving

The Asphalt Paving system consists of four main layers: asphalt base coating, base, sub-base and reinforcement of the subgrade. Depending on the intensity and type of traffic, the existing soil and the project life, the coating may consist of a bearing layer and intermediate layers or bonding layers. But in the most common cases, a single layer of asphalt mixture is used as a coating. Getting the right Asphalt Contractor is essential to get the best long lasting results.

Asphalt Paving can be manufactured in a specific plant (machined mixtures), fixed or mobile, or prepared on the runway itself (for surface treatments) by an Asphalt Contractor. In addition to the form …

Florida's Statewide Airport Pavement Management Program Background

Florida’s Statewide Airport Pavement Management Program Background

Airports and highways are fundamental assets of any organization and represent significant capital investment requiring planned management strategies just like any other form of infrastructure. These assets are complex structural systems, and their performance depends upon a large number of variables of which many relate to the unique mix of traffic, pavement materials and environmental conditions. Reduced funding for pavement maintenance and repair (M&R) requires that existing funds be used more effectively.read more information on pavement maintenance and repair https://www.wbdg.org/ccb/ARMYCOE/COETM/ARCHIVES/tm_5_623.pdf

In 1992, the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) implemented an Aviation Pavement Management Program that

  • improved the knowledge of pavement conditions at the public airports in the State system,
  • identified maintenance needs