Asphalt Paving

Top 4 Asphalt Paving Problems and Solutions

Protecting your asphalt coating against deterioration is vital to keeping a good looking driveway or parking lot. Sealcoating new asphalt in one year after installation is the best and most cost active method to avoid expensive repairs because of faults in the sidewalk. Yet, let’s take a look at three common asphalt paving problems and their solutions:

Oxidation and Graying

Over time, traffic, gas, water, oil, the unobtrusive rays of the sun, particularly in Florida, will cause destruction on asphalt paving. The older the pavement gets, the more revelation to elements, the more the asphalt pavement will disappear and absorb a gray appearance. This gray is a sign that the asphalt is …

6 Services You Need From The Asphalt Paving Company

6 Services You Need From The Asphalt Paving Company

Asphalt contractors and companies often get pigeonholed as only being useful when pavement is needing to be laid. Asphalt contractors actually have a wide variety of services that can be useful to home and business owners. Using the internet or calling around to different asphalt companies will help you to find one that offers the services you are needing, but Beware of asphalt paving scams, read more information on asphalt paving scams by clicking here

When needing some work done there are about 6 helpful services that asphalt contractors offer.

Free Estimates

This may seem like a no brainer but the thought of hiring an asphalt contractor can be quite daunting and …