4 Things You Should Ask Your Asphalt Contractor about Asphalt Paving


Getting new asphalt paving can be a huge improvement to the aesthetics and overall value of your home, but as with all big renovations it can be quite a scary undertaking! Thankfully, it’s actually a relatively simple process and can be completed in potentially a single day.

While the installation itself is simple, it’s important to know a couple of things beforehand, so that you don’t get a nasty sting when the job is completed. So with that being said here are 4 things you should ask your asphalt contractor about asphalt paving.

How Much Will It Cost?

This sounds obvious, but it’s important to ask around for the best quote, as it can vary wildly dependent on how much a paving company believes you know about what you’re asking for.

It’s important to note, that although paving an entire driveway changes the look of your home substantially, it can actually be done relatively cheaply given the right contractor.

So how do you choose the right asphalt contractor?

Asking the questions listed in this article, and hearing a confident answer is a good first step.

Generally, if they know these and have considered them, they’re willing to put in the time and research to do the job properly. Then it’s a case of seeing who out of the contractors you select can give you a price both you and he are comfortable with. Click here !

What Is Your Drainage Plan?

Having a proper plan for your drainage system can save you untold amount of stress and money in the future, and it’s such an easy thing to forget to ask! Asphalt repair is an unnecessary expense in your budget, so asking this head of time can help you avoid it completely.

If your new asphalt doesn’t have proper drainage, it can cause so much damage – and will most likely need to be repaired, or in the worst case scenario it might have to be scrapped altogether.

If your contractor either doesn’t know the answer, or isn’t willing to put in the time to create a decent method for drainage – get a new one. Seriously, there’s someone out there who’ll do it properly.

As a side note, be sure that his drainage plan doesn’t involve water accumulating in a single spot, or in any direction towards your house. These simply aren’t solutions, and will cause you hassle.

Should A Base Be Installed Before Your New Asphalt?

A solid foundation ensures that your Asphalt doesn’t crack in the long term, or require repair it’s even set.

The answer varies largely on where you are in the world. If the soil beneath your house is firm, rock, or granite based then you may not need a base, as no other material could work as well as that – and it’ll save you a good bit of money too!

However, if the soil around your house is soft, unstable, or even if you’re unsure about it, it might be best to invest in a solid base, and it’s certainly worth your time to ask the paving company for feedback.

How Long Should I Stay Off New Asphalt Before Using It?

I know you might be excited to test out your new driveway paving and show it off to the neighbors, but using it to early could be detrimental.

Your contractor should know how long roughly you should wait dependent on where you are. In hotter climates, or places where the temperatures can vary wildly, it should take longer, maybe 2-3 days. In more mild climates, it can be anywhere between 1-2 days.

Ultimately, if a potential paving company can’t answer these questions, you need to look elsewhere. You’ll feel there’s been such a huge change to the look of your house in a short time and with little effort, if you can only avoid some simple errors and repairs. Visit this site for more information : www.aceblacktop.com